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HCG is a natural hormone, quickly absorbed, that activates the Hypothalamus to release and mobilize the abnormal fats (extra) that is found in your body and uses this as a source of energy or a source of food. So, when you are on a very low calorie diet, HCG Life Drops helps your body compensate the difference in calories that it needs to function through the use of stored fat making it a source of food for your body. Thus resulting in a rapid weight loss.


*Women: To obtain optimum results, it is best to begin this program the first day after your menstrual cycle.

Stage 1: This stage consists of 3 days, in which you should weigh yourself every morning, after going to the bathroom and keep a record (write it down) every morning. Take 10 drops of HCG Life Drops, 30 minutes before any main food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Hold the 10 drops under your tongue for 5 minutes; this increases the absorption of the drops by the body. Do not drink or eat anything 15 minutes before or after taking the drops. Do this every day with the drops during your Stage 1. In this stage, the drops will help identify where in your body, the abnormal fats are stored. So in this 1st Stage, eat all foods that are high in fats and high in calories. ENJOY these 3 days, nothing is out of limits.


Stage 2: Continue taking the drops as in Stage 1. In this 2nd Stage, the HCG Life Drops will begin to convert the stored fat into energy as you begin today, your Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD).

*Drink 10 glasses of water a day.
*Continue the weighing every morning, after going to the bathroom (no clothes) writing down the weight.
*Women: If you should be in your menstrual cycle while you begin your HCG Life Drops, do not take the
drops during your first three days of your cycle.
*Keep doing your 500 calories per day meal plan.
*You can do the program from 23 to 40 days, taking the HCG Life Drops.
*ONLY eat the foods allowed in the list. (This will be mentioned later on). Do not skip any meals. Your
500 calories consist of Proteins, Vegetables and Fruits.
*Remember, HCG Life Drops will help your body use from the stored fat 1,500 calories, so you will not
only be in taking 500 calories. (1,500 + 500 = 2,000 calories per day)

Proteins: (2 portions per day) 3 ½ oz. each or (100 grams) choose from: Beef LEAN, Chicken Breast
(no skin), Shrimp, White Fish (ex. tilapia, sea bass), crab, lobster, lamb.

Vegetables: (2 portions per day) 3 ½ oz each or (100 grams) choose from: tomatoes, cucumbers,
celery, asparagus, radish, cabbage, large onion or any type of onion, broccoli, cauliflower, chard leaf.

Lettuce and Spinach are UNLIMITED.

Fruits: (2 portions per day) Choose from: 1 medium Apple, 1 orange, 1 peach, strawberries (6 medium
sized), 1 medium grapefruit, 1 fistful of berries (raspberries, blueberries), Melon Cantaloupe, Lemon.

Melba toast: Eat 3-4 pieces per day without any butter or jams.

Liquids: You can drink all the Iaso Tea you desire, black coffee or Iaso Coffee, and water.
Sweeten with Stevia. Only one tablespoon of milk is allowed every 24 hours.
Yyou can cook or prepare your foods with herbs and spices, whichever you like.
Use Sea Salt, Lemon and Vinegar for the rest.

Stage 3: At the end of your 23 or 40 days, depending on the time you chose to do this program in your
Stage 2, continue your meal plan of 500 calories per day for three (3) more days, without the HCG Life Drops. The HCG is still in your bloodstream and you will continue to lose weight these three days.

Stage 4: After the three days of Stage 3, you will begin to intake daily:

Except: white flour products, sugars, white rice, regular pasta, soda.
Allowed: any whole grain: whole grain rice, oatmeal, whole grain pastas, etc.

IF upon weighing yourself, you notice that you have gained 2 pounds; at dinner that day, you will have a Steak Day with Vegetables. (This will be your last meal for that day).

1,200 calories for WOMEN; 1,500 calories for MEN

*Do not force the body to do exhausting exercises, walk for 30 minutes. If you already have a routine,
lower the intensity.

*If 3-4 days have passed and you have not lost any weight, do an APPLE DAY. Eat during one entire
day, ONLY 6 apples, plus your HCG Life Drops and any other supplement and drink your liquids as well.

Stage 4 is very important, since we are reprogramming your hypothalamus to record your new weight and you will not regain the weight you have lost when you begin to eat your calories allowed in Stage 4. Your body has been in a strict meal program for 23-40 days, it has learned to eat appropriately with correct meals and portions.

*After this stage, you will begin to gradually intake cereals, brown sugar, syrup, etc, in small portions.
(THE KEY IS TO DO THIS SLOWLY), keep weighing yourself every day.  If you notice you have gained 2 pounds you can do the Steak Day or the Apple Day and the next morning your weight will be back to normal.  Now you have learned a new way of living and eating, share with others the benefits of the HCG Life Drops. See your new body and continue having good eating habits and exercise to keep your new weight for life, be happy and smile. Remember your health is FIRST.

*If you need to lose more weight, after Stage 4, rest for 3 weeks and begin a new cycle from Stage1 to Stage 4 of the HCG Life Drops for the next 23 to 40 days.



The actual weight loss following the HCG Life Drops program can vary from person to person. The true experience of each person will depend on their commitment and responsibility in their goal to lose weight,the time set for this goal, your age, your current health, how exact you follow the weight loss program,any limitations set forth by your doctor or any other factor that may come into play.